Phone Cleaner App-Booster, Battery saver, App lock

Clean deeply to increase the ceiling of your phone effectively. Phone booster and pre-cleaning in one tab. Maximization and optimization of phone speed. Best phone cleaner and booster 2020

Super Phone Cleaner is an Android Mobile Cache Cleaner, Speed ​​Booster, Memory Booster, CPU Cooler, Battery Saver, Super Cleaner, Power Cleaner, Fast RAM Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Cache Cleaner Powerful Timer Apps, RAM and Junk Notification Cleaner.
The smallest speed booster app that helps boost your phone speed with just one click!

The advanced boost algorithm makes the phone faster. The best mobile phone cleaner app cleans to increase phone capacity.

Phone Cleaner = Cache Cleaner + Speed ​​Booster + Junk Cleaner + CPU Cooler + Battery Saver + Junk Notification Cleaner + RAM Cleaner + Space Cleaner + App Lock + Residual File Cleaner Install Android super cleaner, all-in-one toolbox, Android Optimizer and Android Master now to clean and improve your Android phone.

App lock security protection, your privacy is well protected with password lock screen and pattern lock screen.
AppLock can block Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram … … ensuring personal and phone safety.

Cleaning mainly to increase deletion, stop background running apps, and render to save more storage and make phone fast and cool.

5 in 1 functions

– Superior Cleaning: Clear cache, make your phone fast and deeply optimize storage. The phone automatically increases the performance of games and applications.

– Junk File Cleaner – Memory Cleaner This junk file cleaner cleans cache and junk files that take up memory and storage space, helping to improve the speed and performance of your phone.

– CPU cooler: monitor temperature changes constantly, detect CPU-intensive applications, start the cooling process, effectively reducing the temperature of the phone.

Battery Master – The battery boost feature helps optimize battery usage, reduce charging time, and reduce power consumption. Please use it frequently to avoid using the battery charger all the time and to extend the life of the battery charger.

– Lock your private apps with a pattern or PIN password and keep your password safe from snoopers.

– Notification Cleaner: Mute and clean unwanted notifications if necessary.

Advanced speed booster and cache clean Android phone

Clean Booster Essential is an all-in-one tool that combines a super fast cleaner, a CPU cooler, a cool phone, a fast max booster, a master booster, a battery expert, a wifi signal booster and everything you need to optimize and improve the phone. Cleaning to boost the best phone booster and cleaner 2020 to optimize the phone. Improve overall phone performance with this professional phone, temperature monitoring and control application. Cleaning to increase CPU cooling speed, reduce heat and phone speed increase algorithm are very effective in cooling the phone and boosting your phone.

One-click upgrade This super fast cleaner helps one-click power boost, and you can easily one-click power up your phone.

Download the free Booster app for Android phones. Support for mobile and tablet. Easy to use, a tab to enhance and clean. It is a good choice to improve your phone!

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